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About Dr David J Bissonnette

Dr. Bissonnette is an Associate Professor of Nutrition and has been teaching nutrition at various universities since 1993 and doing research in several areas:  1-The effects of nutritional support on malnutrition and trauma; 2- The impact of artificial sweeteners on weight gain; 3-Assessing and detection of sarcopenia in obesity; 4-Comprehensively studying the impact of obesity and family breakdown on American society. 

He has presented at national and international conferences on the topics of malnutrition and disease, and obesity. Additionally, he produced three comprehensive educational documentaries:

1. Obesity in America: A National Crisis which is distributed by Films for the Humanities and Sciences. Web-link:

2. A Diabetic Nation: An American Tragedy: Web-link:

3. Depression the Whole Truth. Web-link:

Dr. Bissonnette wrote two nutrition textbooks between 2009 and 2013 for undergraduate Freshmen and for majors in the health science fields of nursing, dietetics, and medicine.

1. Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals: An Introduction for Disease Prevention [ISBN: 978-152498377-2]. Web-link:

2. Nutrition Revolution: Influencing the Medical and Social Determinants of Health [ISBN: 978-0-578-31936-0]. Web-link:

The research for INSATIABLE began in 1995, but it was in 2012 that he committed significant time and focus to completing the book. Despite the scientific literature confirming that diet restrictions had a significant failure rate (97%), the fields of dietetics and medicine still persist in prescribing caloric restrictive diets; something was not right with the paradigm of care given to the obese. Let's face it, diet restrictions have been the main therapeutic modality since the time of Hippocrates. Have we not learned anything since that time?  INSATIABLE investigate the multifaceted causes behind obesity and drills down deep into the historical, societal, religious, theological, philosophical, and indeed the medical causes of this epidemic. 

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